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The Puppy Kickin' Villains

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Meh. [16 Apr 2005|01:12am]
[ mood | bored ]

You guys suck. What the heck happened to this community?

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Fuck puppies (but not literally) [07 Nov 2004|09:28pm]

[ mood | infuriated ]

The following reasons are what has caused me to be pissed off:
1. Woke up and found that my nose screw had fallen out. It must've been out for several hours, as it closed up and I couldn't get it back in. That's right, my nose is no longer pierced.
2. War talk with a friend. Made me angry at half (or more) of the United States who thinks it's okay to kill.
3. Fell at tennis practice. My knees are skinned and my left thumb/wrist hurts like a bitch. Bye-bye backhand.
4. Computer is being a really slow piece of shit.
5. I don't have enough money.

So instead of driving to houses with puppies and kicking them after tennis tonight, I drove right into the yards and ran them over. Killed about 8 puppies, then came home and enjoyed some low fat lemon yogurt.


Spell check is for PETA. Fuck them, too.

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UPDATE!!! [20 Oct 2004|02:42pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Because of the constant annoyance of a certain member( please send hate comments to soslytherin ) ((just kidding, I heart you!)), I will now update the PKV community.

Your leader/god (me) has been sick with a deathly flesh eating bacteria cancer virus.  I am doing okay.  You should probably send ice cream and chocolate to me ...if you want...you know, to help me get better.  Wait--deathly flesh eating bacteria cancer virus, or mono?  I get those two mixed up...

Anywho...New Person/People-O-The-Week/Day/Month!!
This week/Day/Month we salute:

So and So!

Less popular than the Cheerleader, but more popular than The Ugly One...So and So continues to thrill and excite us in her mini-series.
To find So and So, please visit here!
I want a teen girl squad shirt.  What do you guys think?  It's fifteen dollars.  I think I can afford it.  But I don't work anymore...please vote if I should get the shirt or not.

I'm thinkin' we should plan a day...maybe once a week/once a month when the members can get together and do some puppy kickin' together.  Lemme know what days work best for everyone...y0.  Plus I need an excuse to wear my Fearsome Fashion.

A special thank you goes out to klynn44 .  We commend you on your efforts to find perfect tacky villain rings.  Dem's sa-weet, man.

Also...what does everyone think about getting shirts made?  That'd be cool.  'Cause then we'd look like the professional villains we are.  Then we'd have the attire...all we need now is cool villain names.  Leave a comment on what name you want, as well as suggestions for what my name should be.

That is all for now.  Stay tuned for many more updates to come.

With love from your leader/god,


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Get out the paddles!! [17 Oct 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | amused ]

*flat line*
*shocks the PKV community again*
Seriously, what's up with this? Where are we all?

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... [26 Sep 2004|02:58pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

So what? I join and everybody becomes silent? What happened to all the puppy kickin' joy and merriness?

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Well here I am. [17 Sep 2004|12:56am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I'll welcome myself, dammit.
*kicks a puppy and passes out booze* Just kidding...maybe.

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and the person of the week is...*drumroll* [16 Sep 2004|10:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello once again, members!...and by members I mean Katie.  We should really do some recruiting...

I'd like to take the time to announce our person of the week.  This man has villain written all over him.  He puts the pimp in pimpin'.  He lies and cheats to get womanly attention....and gets paid for it!  This week, we'd like to acknowledge...

Maury Povich!

Keep up the good work!  The PKV supports you!

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P-p-puppy kickin'! [12 Sep 2004|05:36pm]

[ mood | mean ]

Today I kicked a puppy.
Just kidding.

I did see roadkill in a residential neighborhood, however.
I hope it was some little kid's puppy.

I hope the kid is at home drawing shitty flyers with poorly spelled words to post all over the neighborhood.
I hope his dad was the one who ran over his puppy, but isn't brave enough to tell the child.

That would be sweet.


Spell check is for members of PETA.

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Welcome fellow puppy kickin' villains! [12 Sep 2004|01:09am]

Let the party begin!
Puppy kicker's now have a place to call home. Or "Casa" for our spanish speaking friends.

Don't get this mistaken for any other puppy kickin' society. This here's for the villains. The puppy kickin' villains, that is.

I, Heather...as your co-President..., was doing a bit of investigating and found out we have some rivals already. That's right. There's already another puppy kickin' community. They are "Puppy Kicking for a Better World." Or simply "pkbw." I request all members leave nasty notes in their community. Since we are da villains...we must show them who is boss. We must avenge, and revenge. Don't let those puppy kickers kick puppies in the name of a "better world"...kick back those puppies for evil...and prove to them villains fucking rule.


This concludes the welcome.
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